Tignes So Far...



Halfway through the week...

That came fast, so here is a very brief update of the important stuff; the skiing.


Training conditions have been great; plenty of hard-packed snow and sunshine.  So far we have had our GS skis on every day.  After a day of free skiing all groups have been working hard in the GS courses.  Mark and Dallas’ groups have been training up top on the 3500 piste, Viki and Christy’s groups have been training on Champagny, accompanied today by the French National Team.  It’s been great to watch the changes and progress being made by everyone. 


The weather crept in last night and it is still snowing now, more than 24 hours later!  We had such a fun, but tiring day skiing knee deep powder and even managed some runs in the gates trying to stay in the ruts.  I don’t think anyone stayed upright on their first run this morning, but I’m proud to say I only fell twice.  After being off the hill on this day the past two years, Kieran breathed a sigh of relief this morning when we made it up the mountain; he finally got to ski powder on his birthday!  We are looking forward to great conditions again over the next day or two, and a little more snow towards the end of the week. 


As I learned last year, it is getting easier to get to bed every night, but harder to get up every morning. 


Laters, Gill