SSSA Freestyle Ski & Snowboard

Comp Snowfactor 2015


Some fantastic results from Glasgow Ski Racing and Glasgow Freestyle Team at the recent competitions, well done multi talented kids....


Primary Individual Results Snow Factor

Molly Fitzpatrick             2nd Female        Kirkhill School

Erin Ward                        3rd Female        St Cadocs

Isla Ward                         5th Female        St Cadocs

Ellen Phillips                   17th Female      Jordanhill


Luke Burke                      1st Boy              St Cadocs

Adam Inglis                     2nd Boy            Mearns Primary

Euan Inglis                      8th Boy             Mearns Primary

Flynn Abu-Rajab             9th Boy             Jordanhill

Robert Phillips                9th Boy             Broomhill


Primary Team Results Snow Factor

1st Team     St Cadocs

2nd Team   Mearns Primary



Secondary School Results Snow Factor

Olivia Burke                  1st Female         St Ninians

Jimmy Fitzpatrick          1st Male             Mearns Castle High

Scott York                      11th Male           Mearns Castle High


Scottish Freestyle Champs Cairngorm

Jimmy Fitxpatrick          2nd U16

Olivia Burke                  2nd U16

Molly Fitzpatrick           2nd U12

Luke Burke                    2nd U12