Scottish Dryslope Championships

Midlothian Ski Slope


Saturday 23rd Slalom - 9 Scottish SL Champions - GSR


U10 Scottish Champion     Erin Ward

U10 SCottish Champion    Gordon Wylie


U12 Scottish Champion     Tom Simmonds

U14 Scottish Champion      Owen Vinter


U16 SCottish Champion     Eilidh Ryan

U16 Scottish Champion      Alasdair Sandland


U18 Scottish Champion     Zak Vinter

U21 Scottish Champion     Ross Taylor

U21 Scottish Champion     Nicole Ritchie       Overall Female Sl Champion


Other podium finishers from GSR where -


U12 2nd Place       Isla Ward

U12 3rd Place        Fiona Wylie

U12 4th Place        Holly McKey

U14 2nd Place       Scott Wylie

U14 3rd Place        Ross Nesbitt                   U14 BOYS - 1, 2, 3

U16 6th Place        Victoria McKinlay 


Sunday 24th Giant Slalom - 7 Scottish GS Champions


U10 Scottish Champion      Erin Ward          Overall Mini Champion

U12 Scottish Champion      Isla Ward


U14 Scottish Champion      Owen Vinter

U18 Scottish Champion      Kate Taylor

U18 Scottish Champion      Zak Vinter         Overall Male GS Champion


U21 Scottish Champion      Nicole Ritchie   Overall Ladies GS Champion

U21 Scottish Champion      Ross Taylor


More Great Finishers from GSR -


U10 2nd Place     Gordon Wylie

U12 5th Place      Tom Simmonds

U12 6th Place       Ewan McLew

U12 3rd Place       Fiona Wylie

U12 4th Place       Holly McKey

U12 5th Place       Molly Fitzpatrick


U14 3rd Place     Thomas Ward

U14 5th Place      Ross Nesbitt

U14 11th Place    Christopher McLew

U14 17th Place   Scott Wylie

U16 2nd Place    Eilidh Ryan

U16 4th Place     Emma Williams

U16 5th Place     Victoria McKinlay

U16 2nd Place    Bailey Dickson

U16 7th Place     Kieran Nesbitt

U16 8th Place     Scott Williams

U16 10th Place   Alasdair Sandland

U16 14th Place   Jimmy Fitzpatrick

U21 4th Place     Keri Anderson


Big hand to Sophia Wallace who fell at the last gate because she was skiing very well... Unlucky Sophia.  A huge well done to Taryn & Caolan Grant, this was their first race at Hillend, well done boys, it gets better the more you ski there..  Well done everyone, some great skiing at the weekend!!

Thank you Mark Vinter & Alastair Stang for looking after the GSR Racers.