Scottish Childrens Championships

Nevis Range 14th / 15th March 2015

A huge congratulations to our GSR Racers who competed in the Scottish Childrens Championships, we had some great results!!  Especially from Ross Nesbitt & Owen Vinter, Scottish U14 Slalom and Giant Slalom winners!! Well done, both of you did GSR PROUD....




U14 BOYS -


Owen Vinter            1st

Scott Wylie               3rd

Ross Nesbitt            5th

Cameron Gibson     6th

Thomas Ward          DNF

Chris McLew            DNF

Charlie Aldridge      DNF


U16 GIRLS & Boys -


Rhona Price             1st

Ruby Still                  3rd

Victoria McKinlay     4th

Emma Williams        DNF


Kieran Nesbitt          10th

Al Sandland              DNF

Andrew Rattray        DNF

Scott Williams           DNF


U14 BOYS -


Ross Nesbitt            1st

Charlie Aldridge      4th

Cameron Gibson     5th

Owen Vinter            8th

Thomas Ward          DNF

Scott Wylie               DNF                    Top Left Photo - Ross Nesbitt Scottish Slalom Champion

                                                                                       - Owen Vinter Scottish GS Champion

Ben Hodgson           DNF      

                                                           Top Right Photo - Rhona Price Ladies Overall Winner, Prize Rossignol Skis

                                                                                        - Scott Buchan Male winner SSC

U16 GIRLS & BOYS -                           

Rhona Price             2nd                       Bottom Photo - U14 & U16 WINNERS     

Emma Williams     3rd

Ruby Still                 5th

Victoria McKinlay    6th                     


Kieran Nesbitt         7th                   

Andrew Rattray       15th                  

Scott Williams          DNF                                             

Al Sandland             DNF