GSR Juniors -Sl & GS

This Year at the English Junior Championships we GSR have 6 racers competing.  Nicole Ritchie has travelled from her base in Caneda for the championships. Euan Kick and David MacWilliam who both train with BSA this season have travelled from Les Houche. The other athletes are all in full time education, Keri & Graham are still at school and Ross Taylor is at University along with Euan Ryan.  We are very proud of these athletes participating at this level, some are training for many months in a bid to lower their points and progress through the ranks and some are fitting in training and racing alongside their academic career.  Good luck to you all.  Lousie Kochalski and Finlay Mickel are looking after the Juniors on camp this year and the following results have been achieved so far.


Sunday 16th Feb 2014 - FIS NJR Ladies SL & Mens SL

Nicole Ritchie - 3rd Brit

Keri Anderson - 9TH 1st run, DNF 2nd run

Euan Kick - 7th 1st run, DNF 2nd run

Ross Taylor - 8th Brit

David MacWilliam - DNF 1st run

Graham Dickson - DNF 1st run


Monday 17th Feb 2014 - FIS GS Ladies & Men


Nicole Ritchie - 4th Brit

Keri Anderson - 16th Brit

Euan Kick - 4th Brit

David Mac William - 17th Brit

Euan Ryan - DNF 1st run

Ross Taylor - DNF 1st run

Graham Dickson - DNF 1st run


Wednesday 19th February - FIS SL Ladies & Men


Nicole Ritchie - 1st Brit

Keri Anderson - 8th Brit

Girls magic results today, well done to you both...


Euan Kick - 4th Brit

David MacWilliam - 14th Brit

Ross Taylor - DNF

Graham Dickson - DNF

Well done Euan and David, both great results...