Glenshee Winter Games 2015


Fantastic, another weekend of Scottish Races completed, this weekend the Glenshee Winter Games was a great success with good snow, blue skys and sunshine..GSR racers where well represented and achieved some great results..

Thank you to Christy MacKinnon & Ali Stang for taking great care of our racers on Saturday 7th February 2015.


U14 Results are given for both runs individually as follows -

Ross Nesbitt -              3rd Place / 2nd Place

Charlie Aldredge         4th Place/DNF

Archie Macfarlane       10th Place / 12th Place


U16 Racers results come from both runs added together -

Bailey Dickson           3rd Place

Kieran Nesbitt            5th Place

Andrew Rattray         12th Place


U10 & U12 Minis races are often the best run out of two or the best two runs out of three.....

Gordon Wylie            8th Place U10

Euan Inglis                 10th Place U10


Holly McKey               2nd Place U12

Fiona Wylie                6th Place U12

Ewan McLew              3rd Place U12

Tom Simmonds          6th Place U12

Joseph McKAY            13th PLace U12


Thank you to Viki Williams & Scott Dallas for looking after our racers on Sunday 8th February 2015.


U14 1st & 2nd Runs

Ross Nesbitt             3rd Place / DNF

Archie Macfarlane    8th Place / DSQ

Charlie Aldredge      DNF / 3rd Place


U16 Racers

Jimmy Fitzpatrick     12th Place

Kieran Nesbitt           13th Place

Andrew Rattray         16th Place


U12 Racers#

Holly McKey              1st Place

Fiona Wylie                5th Place

Joseph McKay            9th Place


Congratulations to everyone especially our racers who are racing for the first time this year, Archie Macfarlane, Joseph McKay, Euan Inglis & Adam Inglis, well done....