Day Seven - Friday- More Chat from the Athletes

FRIDAY UP-DATES COMING SOON!!!!!   Friday has arrived and it's a no ski day!!  Wind & Rain has closed the hill today, unfortunately that is skiing!!  Not only in Scotland....  This is why we have an 8 day camp, just in case of bad days we still rack in a full week of training.  The good news is that Saturday's forecast is blue skies &  sunshine, happy days again..  We have started our off the hill day with a mixture of School Work, travel waxing skis and fitness.  Later we have hired the sports hall for more fitness & Games, finishing the day off with a swim, laps!!


Kids have been very well behaved, they are a credit to their parents..!!!


More Blog from Ali Stang - Mini Coach

In the sports hall we played a mix of basketball and volleyball. A new favourite game amongst the kids has become KILLER! Out of the rounds today Tom Simmonds took an outstanding win over Ally Stang, Coach Craig then tried to win a game but Craig Miller had other ideas, proving that being a basketball player does help and took a win in the final round.


Some more serious work then took place with the squat challenge. A tough challenge that caused a good burn in everyones legs, apart from coach of the year, who claims "somebody needs to do the timing". The mini group shone through in the challenge, showing no sign of slowing even when the challenge was over.


After the challenge it was time for lunch before heading off to the swimming pool to rest the legs and let the kids relentlessly splash each other for the full hour and a half of "swimming"!


It has been a week mixed of weather but the mini group have shown good resilience, working hard no matter what the conditions. They have had a good mix of freeskiing and time in gates, and big improvements have been made all round. Tomorrow they will finish of the week on their GS skis, reinforcing any technical adjustments, before going on to show the rest of group what they are made of in the pro slalom!