In The Kids Words


Making the best of Varied conditions - Elliot Rooney.

Totes Brill - Andrew Rattray.

The French Team are inspiring me - Archie Macfarlane.

The foods good - Sophia Wallace

In a group of boy's but they do make me laugh... Olivia Wallace

Spending the week avoiding press ups from coach Vinter - Rhona Price


Jimmy- Tignes has been awesome! Though one or two of the days have been a bit windy (French can't take Scottish weather) the atmosphere has really been kind to us. We may have complained early this morning-or even other mornings; maybe we may have composed a rap; but really we all wish we could stay here and have an awesome time!


Luke - Tignes this year has been amazing! A lot of blue skies and good courses. although a couple of days cut short, they have been made up by the awesome days we have had up the mountain... Everyone has been amazing to us and we have been looked after very well by coach of the year and Viki. The trip has ran really well even though having a very difficult bus driver on the way up.There have been so many possitives to the trip, for example, we have had some rapping by the best group of the camp, some amazing kababs for dinner and even some fresh snow for us to ski on... on the whole, so far i have absolutely loved this camp and cant believe there is only 2 more days skiing :(


Georgia and Mhairi- For our first time in Tignes everything has been really great, ranging from the coaches and snow to the courses and the food (especially the potato balls:)) It has been great to train alongside some of the french national team skiers who have been amazing to watch. Overall the camp has been awesome and we have really enjoyed our time here and hope to come again next year :)


will pin down more of the kids tommorrow for their chat!!


night xx