Day One Skiing-Saturday

  Day one Fresh tracks, not like 2013 fresh tracks but good all the same.  Today was a free ski day, warm the legs up and try out the new skis!!  As Ali Stang hadn't arrived his group hung out with Viki and Craig.  The sun stayed out for our first day and it was smiles all round. The first day is always tough, everything is new, skiing and fitness, will I cope?  Well they certainly coped, they all skied well and enjoyed the fitness, maybe not Marks group who did the burpee challenge..........  The Italian Soiree was spagetti bolognaise and spagetti with a tomato vegetarian sauce, bread, cheese and ice cream!!  If eating was a race I had 30 winners!!  Tonight saw the boys become old, wise and accommodating!  They shifted about rooms so that we had the older girls in the same side of the building to us, it was touching stuff...


Day Two - Sunday 12th

A little blustery on the hill today and an early close just after lunch!!  Hopefully snowing hard for tommorrow.  Early finish on the hill just means more fitness!! Once skis where serviced for the next day all the groups headed off for fitness.  Viki and Marks group also managed to fit in video analysis..  Thankfully no more new injuries today, other than viki, bunjee cord and T -bar in the head!!  She is fine and doing video feedback as I speak..   Today was a GS Day and we managed to set two courses for the kids to train so they managed plenty runs through the course before the hill shut which was good.. Fitness today included a game of football much to the despair of the boys because they had 4 girls playing, who all play in football teams, boys had to up their game!! 


Euan McLew, Thomas Ward, Oliver Campbell, Jamie Sandland, Ross Nesbitt and Craig Miller have been quiet as mice round a atable playing a game for about 40 minutes while I write this, getting very suspicious now!!! 


Oliver Campbell says hi mum, his phone doesn't work!! xx



night xx