Tignes 2014 - The Journey


Once we had our tearfull goodbye at the airport we headed off into the world of Easy Jet!  The airhostesss where lovely and we are all thinking of a career change..  The kids where amazing , everything you would hope they would be...  The bus journey was not without incident as the bus driver refused to stop for the toilet , luckily we had Sion Bingham with us who spoke fluent french, many thanks for your help., although I think it was my rant that worked in the end!!


Can you beleive Mark Vinter also beat us to resort... Once in resort we quickly settled into our rooms, unpacked the van and headed to dinner.  Dinner was an American Soiree.....  Burgers, chips, fish, veg, salad, cheese and ice cream!!  They all had something to eat, yehh....  Tonight we are heading into an Italian Soiree, so looking forward to some pasta hopefully!!


The trip has not been without incident so far, we have had 3 cut fingers from servicing kit, Ruby, Luke & Patrick, they are all fine!  Also a nose bleed (Fiona) and stubbed tow (Erin), otherwise all good, we even had a lovely recital on the piano from Luke in a French Train Station!!  Hilarious & Brilliant.  Tignes got Talent.......


.night night xx